Organic Herbs for Import and Export is an Egyptian owned and managed company growing, processing and exporting herbs, spices, seeds and dry herbal flowers . Our herbs are both sun-dried and machine-dried.

Our trading company originally started in 1998 as Egypt Herbs by an Entrepreneur who identified the market for Egyptian herbs into Europe, Asia and other parts of the globe

We cultivate most of our products and this gives us the stance to fully control and apply high quality cultivation programs. Fresh goods are dried naturally in our drying locations preserving their entities. The dried raw materials then go through the assigned processing procedures in the production location according to our clients.

We are only working with farmers, which cultivate our land we aren’t buying any further goods. Additionally we are working always in control of the treatment process during the farming, growth and the harvest it's all are under our control and the final release is only happening if everything meets our standards.

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Contact: Mr Taha Allimony
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Address: Abshway - Fayoum Governorate - Egypt